Monday, November 15, 2010

It's just a feeling that I have..

I love singing in the car. I feel like it's one of the best singing spots. There's something about sitting behind the wheel and being in charge that really sets the singing mood.

I still haven't gotten over buying CD's. My family/friends comment about it saying that I could just download the songs; no need to buy the actual physical CD. But I enjoy it. I was never a DVD buyer, but CD's I appreciate. Yet I only buy CD's of artists I like. And when am driving around in my car, listening to one of my latest albums, I'll go through the whole thing until I find that one special song that CLICKS with me. And when that has been achieved, this song will remain on re-play for days! Over and over and over again. It will transform into a car-singing addiction until I eventually ware it off and move on to my next "re-play song", I'll call it.

Speaking of re-play songs, the latest CD I have in my car is Maroon 5. I love them! Thank you iJose! From this album, the song that has been re-played over and over and over again for the past few days is track #10. Although the story is sad, I love the beat and the vocals! The chorus is amaaaazing while it's on high volume, with the windows down and the cool breeze blowing on my face and through my hair, wil shari3 maftoo7 jidami.. Wow! It's just a feeling! Just a feeling that I have! Just a feeeling, people!

I leave you to it. "Just A Feeling" by my beloved Maroon 5:

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