Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I heart winter

The weather is moving in a downwards slope. I’ve been paying attention to the temperature in my car every morning at 7 am . It started out last week as 35. Then 33. Then 33 again. Then 32. And this morning it was 32 again. Today is September 21 so it makes sense that we’re experiencing cool weather in the early mornings and at night, although our weather doesn’t always make sense.

Am so looking forward to winter. Looking forward to my weekends and waking up in the morning to go for an outdoor breakfast or brunch. Love those days. Winter in Kuwait is so energizing. It seems like we hibernate indoors almost 7 months out of the year so when it’s cool outside I just wana do as many outdoorsy things as possible.

One of my favorite breakfast spots in Kuwait during the winter is Soug Al-Mubarkiya. My friends and I go there and have yummy chai oo 7aleeb on fa7am and f6eer mishaltit with 7aloom/olives and gaimar/3asal. #YUM! Then after we eat and chill, we usually go around walking and checking out the little shops with nik-naks, herbs, perfumes etc. #Goodtimes

Hopefully by next month the outdoors will be possible and pleasant. Until then, enjoy our so-called "autumn" season. :p

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