Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The wisdom of wisdom teeth

I used to think that wisdom teeth were useless. I was never taught, I never heard, and I never read anything about their significance until last year. I was in a domestic flight during my India trip from Mumbai to Delhi and while flipping through an English local newspaper, I found an article talking about how wisdom teeth are a new found source of stem cells. I remember thinking "YES!" Thank God I still have 3 left in my mouth.

The article stated that "international studies conducted with stem cells extracted from a wisdom tooth have shown tremendous promise in regenerating damaged bones, cornea and cardiac muscles." Apparently, stem cells are the IT thing in the future for curing all sorts of disease. I even heard that they can somehow help with the aging process. Can it be that my wisdom teeth are my fountain of youth? It seems I may have to pay India another visit to store one of my wisdom teeth in their dental stem cell bank.

Link to the article here.

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